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hey guys its been for ever since i updated this thingy, ive been so busy with life and work and not being able to sleep =[

so christmas is upon us, its amazing, although theres no snow and my mom denies the obvious questions i ask her which sucks because i wanna know if im getting a guitar. lame

im watching the simpsons movie i love it, i got te kingdom too i hope its good.
well im off ill talk to yall after christmas most likely. see ya'll laterr
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i hate waking up after a night of drinking to see everyone else passed out, especially when i need to do things like the laundry. blah

o well, going to school see ya'll later
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im in this rut....i seem tobe able to come up with great phrases on my fret board, but i can never, ever match them up to scales that i find.

ever mode i know seems to have it in there, but i cant complete that phrase.

ever happen to anyone else? or am i just that lame?

Current Location: bed
Current Music: velvet revolver - slither

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Current Mood: cold cold
Current Music: Andy Mckee - Drifting

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